Transportation Department

Buddy Gilliard, Director

Every day, the transportation department transports students to and from all schools within our system.  All of our drivers hold commercial driver's licenses with all required endorsements.  They are certified and meet all requirements set by federal, state and local guidelines.  Safety meetings are held quarterly, with attendance required of all regular and substitute drivers as well as coaches and certified teachers with a CDL license.

Five certified technicians service and inspect all buses monthly.  All buses undergo a mandatory inspection by the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety in February.


Click on the e-Link button below for bus route information. The username and password for the system is "guest".
If the e-Link system does not display a route for your address, please click on the file New Bus Route Numbers under "Related Documents" on this page for a list of route numbers by street.  Contact the transportation department by phone at 383-4157 or by email at for approximate pick up and drop off times.
Bus routes are subject to change.  No bus will be able to turn around on dead-end roads without approval of the Transportation Director.  Buses will not travel on any road deemed to be unsafe. For additional information about bus routes or for specific transportation questions, you may contact the transportation office by phone at 383-4157 or by email at