Coffee County Board of Education

The Board of Education is the governing body for the school system. As constitutional officers of Georgia, school board members are responsible for setting educational policies, employing school personnel, providing buildings and equipment, operating a transportation system and disbursing school funds. As community leaders, school board members serve as advocates for the children in our schools and must study, evaluate, and decide what actions are in the best interest of those students. As the policy-making arm of the schools, the Board hires the Superintendent to administer the school system.

School board members are elected by citizens to be the governing body of our school system. They must make decisions with students, parents, taxpayers and school employees in mind. While those decisions can be difficult at times, Georgia’s school board members are making great progress in advancing higher standards, more accountability and better educational programs. Most board members willingly accept the challenges of their office without expecting to be praised. But here in Coffee County, we wholeheartedly believe that our school board members deserve a pat on the back for their dedication and allegiance to the boys and girls in our system.

2022 GSBA Exemplary Board
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Members take part in the Georgia School Boards Association training that is required for certification as members. The public is encouraged to attend the school board meetings. Sessions are open to the public, with the exceptions specifically allowed by law (personnel, real estate and legal matters). Regular monthly meetings are scheduled at 7:00 PM at the Board of Education office, 1311 Peterson Avenue South, on the fourth Thursday of the month, with the exception of November and December when the meetings are the third Thursday and second Thursday respectively.

The public elects five district members from geographic districts that coincide with the districts for Coffee County Commission members. Members elect their chairman and vice-chairman, who serve one-year terms. Board members are elected for four-year terms on a staggered basis.