It is our pleasure to introduce you to Coffee TeleHealth – School-Based Collaborative HealthCare Center and CRH School Based Health Center. The primary focus of the center is to provide quality, accessible health care to the children and staff of Coffee County Schools.

Nursing Staff

What is the Coffee TeleHealth Clinic?
  • Coffee TeleHealth is a comprehensive Adult & Pediatric Primary Care site located on all Coffee County School campuses.
  • Only students and staff at the above mentioned schools can be served at this time.

Did you know that your School Nurse Clinic offers Telemedicine Services?

  • It can connect your child to medical care while they remain at school
  • A Doctor, with the help of the School Nurse, can examine your child through a web camera using special equipment to examine eyes, ears, throat and skin
  • A special Bluetooth stethoscope is used to hear heart and lung sounds
  • We can treat sore throats, earaches, colds, skin rashes, eye infections, etc.
  • We even offer Specialty Services like Cardiology, Endocrinology and Psychiatry
  • Care for acute illnesses (i.e., sore throat, earache, colds, rashes, eye infections)
  • Minor injuries (i.e., scrapes and muscle strains)
  • Management and ongoing care of existing medical conditions (i.e., asthma, sickle cell)
  • Monthly medication management/medication maintenance
  • Professional counseling in regard to nutrition and personal hygiene
  • Mental health, substance abuse, and family centered case management
  • For more information on how to sign your child up for these services, please contact your School Nurse or the Telemedicine Coordinator at 912-389-6732.

How do I enroll my child with Coffee TeleHealth Clinic?

  • Contact the school nurse or the Coffee TeleHealth Coordinator at (912) 389-6732.
  • Fill out the health questionnaire and consent forms.
  • Give a copy of your photo ID and your child’s insurance card to Coffee TeleHealth.

What if my child is enrolled with Medicaid, WellCare or PeachState?

The Coffee Telehealth Clinic is a part of several insurance plans including the Medicaid system, Georgia Better Health Care, Amerigroup, WellCare, CareSource and PeachState for kids. Medicaid or PeachState only allows up to 5 out-of-network visits each year.

What if my child is enrolled with a private insurance plan?

For private insurance, please provide The Coffee Telehealth Clinic with a copy of your insurance card front and back in order to verify coverage at the school site.

What if my child does not have health insurance?

If your child does not have Medicaid or any other type of insurance, please call the Coffee TeleHealth Coordinator at (912)-389-6732 or the Department of Family and Children Services at (912) 389-4286. Your child may be eligible for free or low-cost insurance offered through the State of Georgia. Without proper documentation of insurance, you may be financially responsible for services rendered.

When is the Coffee TeleHealth Clinic open?

  • Monday-Friday, during school hours
  • For after hours service, children will need to be seen at a local emergency room or urgent care facility.

Does a parent/guardian have to be present?

  • Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to be present when a child is being treated.
  • If a parent/guardian cannot be present, the child will still be treated. Someone from the clinic will make contact with the parent/guardian to inform them of the outcome.
  • Parents/guardians are expected to follow up with The Coffee Telehealth Clinic with any questions about the child’s appointment.


We are excited to offer these services to you. Please contact the Coffee TeleHealth Coordinator at (912) 389-6732 with any questions you may have.


 ***PARENTS please know that your child will NEVER be seen by The Coffee Telehealth Clinic, CRH School Based Health Clinic or any physician without your prior knowledge and consent!