Information Systems

The Coffee County School system strives to provide students and staff with the tools and resources needed to learn and work in our connected world.  Our network is among the fastest in the state, with a full 10 Gbps Wide Area Network (WAN) connecting each campus over dedicated fiber optics.  This high-speed WAN supports all of our network-connected devices, including desktop computers, laptops, Chromebooks, printers, telephones, and security cameras.  Over 3400 Mbps of connectivity is available to provide safe and reliable connections to the Internet.  The district uses a variety of funding sources to provide and maintain these network connections, including federal E-rate funds and local ESPLOST funds.  The district is continuously upgrading its network infrastructure, with new network switches and wireless access points being installed at all locations.


Classrooms in every school are equipped with digital interactive projectors and large ceramic whiteboards connected to the teachers’ workstations.  All schools have classroom audio/video systems from Audio Enhancement, which provide video cameras and microphones for teachers to use when teaching and recording instructional video for students.


Coffee County Schools partnered with Google in 2014 to become a G Suite for Education district.  This partnership provides full access to the Google suite of applications, including GMail, for students and staff.  With the transition to Google, 14 inch HP Chromebooks became the standard computing device for students.


The district has also engaged in strengthening its cybersecurity posture through a focus on security, developing new partnerships, and bringing advanced equipment and programs into the security stack. The Department of Information Systems in highly focused on keeping up with cyber security trends and adapting our planning and operations to better Identify risks, Protect against malicious actors, Detect cyber events, Respond to incidents, and then Recover and Learn from them.


The Coffee County School System understands the vital role that technology serves in teaching, learning, and working.  We believe that technology will never replace teaching, but it is a tool that can help make teaching and learning more interactive and collaborative.  We are committed to providing the best access possible to help meet our mission of Destination Graduation for College, Career, and Life!

Information Systems Staff