Our Mission

Destination Graduation for College, Career, and Life

Our mission is the purpose for which we exist as a school system.
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Our Vision

Creating a stronger community through an equitable and excellent education for every student.

Our vision describes a future state to which we aspire as a school system.
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Our Beliefs

We are Coffee...

Community – We foster and sustain strong community partnerships.
Opportunity – We provide opportunities for all students to learn, thrive, and succeed.
Focus – We focus on raising student achievement and preparing our students for their future.
Fairness – We ensure all children equitable access to the resources necessary for academic success.
Ethics – We promote integrity and honest communication and maintain responsible stewardship of resources.
Excellence - We pursue the highest standards in educational and operational performance.

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Our Goal Areas

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Goal Area 1: Student and Academic Success


Performance Objective 1: Ensure high-quality, engaging curriculum and instruction for all students. 


Initiative 1: Implement new Georgia state standards and best practices and monitor for standards-based classrooms.

Initiative 2: Expand literacy initiatives and early learning collaborative.


Performance Objective 2: Implement a high-quality assessment system which includes all content areas.

Initiative 1: Identify and implement a District Assessment Plan in all K-12 classrooms.
Initiative 2: Monitor & adjust instruction to differentiate for individual learners’ needs.

Initiative 3: Define and develop a framework for project-based learning in K-5.

Performance Objective 3: Expand Academy and Workforce Development model.


Initiative 1: Provide career awareness within each grade band.

Initiative 2: Work collaboratively with post-secondary institutions and the community workforce for the benefit of academy students.

Goal Area 2: Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

Performance Objective 1: Refine and sustain effective communication processes with all stakeholders.

Initiative 1: Refine and improve the usage of communication methods (Unified Home Connection-UHC) at the teacher, school, and district levels.

Initiative 2: Develop a consistent communication structure for business and industry partners.


Performance Objective 2: Continue to strengthen plans and processes for effective engagement with families.


Initiative 1: Align effective family engagement opportunities in all schools.

Initiative 2: Work with business partners and industry to enable increased parent attendance at parent teacher conference (PTC).


Performance Objective 3: Expand and sustain meaningful relationships with community partners.


Initiative 1: Expand community/industry partnerships within elementary schools.

Initiative 2: Enhance K-5 community events focused on the shared vision of creating college and career ready graduates.

Goal Area 3: High Quality Workforce

Performance Objective 1: Retain highly effective people in all positions.


Initiative 1: Develop, support, and retain teachers.

Initiative 2: Develop, support, and retain leaders.

Initiative 3: Develop, support, and retain classified staff.

Performance Objective 2: Evaluate staff and provide relevant professional learning.


Initiative 1: Strengthen staff observational practices.

Initiative 2: Strengthen professional development communities.

Performance Objective 3: Recruit and hire high quality people in all positions.

Initiative 1: Strengthen innovative approaches to staffing.

Initiative 2: Strengthen minority recruitment.

Goal Area 4: Organizational and Operational Effectiveness

Performance Objective 1: Ensure and sustain processes for effective and efficient operations across all departments.


Initiative 1: Implement Human Resources and Finance platform.
Initiative 2: Create and Implement Departmental Review Processes.

Performance Objective 2: Ensure and sustain effective and efficient financial practices and fiscal responsibility.

Initiative 1: Implement best practices for maintaining the budget process.

Initiative 2: Meet Generally Accepted Governmental Accounting Standards.


Performance Objective 3: Ensure and maintain safe facilities and healthy environments.


Initiative 1: Review and maintain safety plans.

Initiative 2: Review and maintain facility plans.

Goal Area 5: Supportive Culture and Climate

Performance Objective 1: Create and maintain a safe and welcoming school climate that promotes learning for all.


Initiative 1: Strengthen school and district safety planning and environment security.
Initiative 2: Build a welcoming learning environment for all students and stakeholders.


Performance Objective 2: Foster the social and emotional well-being of staff and students.

Initiative 1: Maintain and strengthen student support systems to enhance the development of the whole child.
Initiative 2: Foster and support the physical, social, & emotional well-being of staff.
Initiative 3: Create a sense of belonging through a focus on Citizenship and Patriotism.


Performance Objective 3: Create a culture of high expectations that celebrate successes throughout the district.

Initiative 1: Provide leadership opportunities for all staff and recognition of outstanding employees.
Initiative 2: Enhance current student recognition programs.