Current Bids and RFPs


Addendum #3 modifies and clarifies original specification to the following:

Downdraft welding stations are to be quoted with manually activated filter systems.The updraft welding stations must be quoted with the automatic filter systems.

Bid opening date is now to be Tuesday, July 19, 2016, at 2:00 pm at the Board Office at 1311 South Peterson Avenue, Douglas, GA 31533.

See Bid Announcement below. The Coffee County Board of Education will be accepting bids to equip the welding lab at Wiregrass Regional College and Career Academy. Sealed bids are to be mailed to Michelle Evans at 1311 South Peterson Avenue, Douglas, GA 31533. Sealed bids are due on June 21, 2016. Bids will be opened at 2:00 pm at the school board offices at 1311 South Peterson Avenue, Douglas, GA 31533. Prospective bidders may obtain bid specifications on the Coffee County Schools website or by contacting Mike Drahush at 912-389-6506 or Michelle Evans at 912-389-6508.



Contact Comptroller Mike Drahush regarding general bid information at (912) 384-2086 ext. 6506

The Coffee County Board of Education reserves the right to reject all bids or proposals or any bid or proposal that is nonresponsive or not responsible and to waive technicalities and informalities.

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