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Purpose, Parents' Rights, and Homeless Liason

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Georgia Student Growth Model (GSGM)

NEW!  The Georgia Student Growth Model (GSGM) is an exciting new initiative designed to provide students, parents, educators, and the public with additional information on student progress.

Parent Information from the Georgia Department of Education

2014-2015 Coffee County Schools Student Handbook

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The Lexile Framework for Reading

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Common Core Curriculum Resources
Common Core Georgia Performance Standards - English/Language Arts (K-12)

National PTA Common Core State Standards Initiative

National PTA Parents' Guide to Student Success
The Parents’ Guide to Student Success (English and Spanish) was developed in response to the Common Core State Standards in English language arts and mathematics that more than 40 states have adopted.  Created by teachers, parents, education experts, and others from across the country, the standards provide clear, consistent expectations for what students should be learning at each grade in order to be prepared for college and career.    

National PTA created the guides for grades K-8 and two for grades 9-12 (one for English language arts/literacy and one for mathematics).

The Guide includes:

Key items that children should be learning in English language arts and mathematics in each grade, once the standards are fully implemented. 
Methods for helping parents build stronger relationships with their child's teacher.  
Activities that parents can do at home to support their child's learning. 
Tips for planning for college and career (high school only).

Parent Guide to High School Math

Common Core Georgia Performance Standards - Mathematics (K-12)

Frequently Asked Questions - Common Core Georgia Performance Standards

CCGPS Timeline
The following chart outlines curriculum implementation and the associated assessment implications as Georgia moves to a National Common Assessment in 2014-2015 for ELA, Writing, and Mathematics.   
   2011-2012  2012-2013 2013-2014   2014-2015
 Curriculum  Curriculum Awareness and Preparation for Transition  Teach CCGPS K-12 ELA and K-9 Math     Teach CCGPS K-12 ELA and K-10 Math  Teach CCGPS K-12 ELA and K-11 Math
 State Assessment  Field Test CCGPS Items (CRCT)    Transitional Assessment with CCGPS Items   State Assessment with CCGPS Items   State Assessments for Science and Social Studies Only
 National Assessment    Pilot National Common Assessment (PARCC) Field Test National Common Assessment (PARCC)  National Common Assessment for ELA, Writing, and Math (PARCC)

CCGPS Brochure - Printable

Special Interest for Parents
Cyber Bullying

Special thanks to Dr. Barbara Trolley for allowing us to post this publication.

Bullying Resources from the GA Department of Education

Click: A Technology Guide for Parents

Includes information about online safety and cyberbullying.

Coffee County School System Encourages Summer Reading