Sensory Rooms for Students with Special Needs

Sensory Room

Coffee County Schools is pleased to showcase the addition of dedicated sensory rooms in eight of our schools. Many students with special needs are overwhelmed by daily sensory experiences (textures, visuals, smells, sounds). These experiences can cause distress and discomfort, which can sometimes result in meltdowns. Sensory rooms are designed to develop coping skills, decrease negative behaviors, and improve student engagement. 

The materials in the eight locations vary by the age level of the students. The sensory rooms include marble walls that provide visual and tactile sensory input. Tactile activity panels help with motor skill development, eye tracking, visual processing and cognitive development. Crash pads provide a safe padded area to jump and crash, which helps with calming and improves attention. Bubble tube platforms with fiber optics are used to provide a calm relaxing environment through gentle vibrations and soothing white noise. Liquid filled floor tiles are used for calming, sensory exploration, and support visual processing. Various seating options calm overstimulation, ease stress and boost concentration. Shimmering water projectors create a calm environment, provide visual stimulation and help filter sensory overload. Sensory cocoons include a color-changing fiber optic curtain that assists with stress-reduction, calms, increases focus, and de-escalates behaviors. Fiber optic ceiling tiles add a calming effect for the entirety of the room.

Many thanks to our teachers and eSpecial Needs for designing and individualizing each of our locations! Our students are already enjoying the use of the sensory rooms.