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Name & Position Contact Info
Kathy  Cole, RN
School Nurse Supervisor, Located at Coffee Middle School
389-6832, fax 383-4528
Email Kathy Cole, RN
Michelle  Jones, LPN
Telemedicine Coordinator, Located at Coffee Middle School
389-6732, fax 383-4528
Email Michelle Jones, LPN
Heather  Day, LPN
School Nurse, Ambrose Elementary School
389-6532, fax 359-5612
Email Heather Day, LPN
Kayla  Palmer, LPN
School Nurse, Broxton-Mary Hayes Elementary School
389-6550, fax 359-3618
Email Kayla Palmer, LPN
Carlotta  Barfield, LPN
School Nurse, Coffee High School
389-6587, fax 393-7029
Email Carlotta Barfield, LPN
Cheryl  Davis, RN
School Nurse, Coffee Middle School
389-6653, fax 720-1048
Email Cheryl Davis, RN
Lori  Johnson, RN
School Nurse, Coffee Middle School
389-6653, fax 720-1048
Email Lori Johnson, RN
Holly  Woodruff, RN
School Nurse, Eastside Elementary School
389-6673, fax 383-4560
Email Holly Woodruff, RN
Jessica  Bass, RN
School Nurse, George Washington Carver Freshman Campus
389-6694, fax 383-4554
Email Jessica Bass, RN
Henrietta  Merritt, LPN
School Nurse, Indian Creek Elementary School
389-6706, fax 383-4544
Email Henrietta Merritt, LPN
Lisa  Anderson, RN
School Nurse, Nicholls Elementary School
389-6715, fax 345-5045
Email Lisa Anderson, RN
Wanda  Medders, RN
School Nurse, Satilla Elementary School
389-6740, fax 383-4529
Email Wanda Medders, RN
Joy  Massey, RN
School Nurse, West Green Elementary School
389-6781, fax 383-4522
Email Joy Massey, RN
Jody  Altman, LPN
School Nurse, Westside Elementary School
389-6800, fax 383-4580
Email Jody Altman, LPN
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